Buying Guide

There are many options to consider when purchasing a WiFi system, and what is right for you is a complex question that we can help with. Do you just need a simple all-in-one WiFi router that just connects to the Internet, or do you need a more flexible system that individual components can deliver?

Home Users and Simple Small Businesses

For a small, simple setup with very few special requirements, an All-In-One router will be ideal. The latest All-In-One routers combine fast CPUs, dedicated network accelerators, and quality WiFi radios into a single box that performs exceptionally well for the price. An All-In-One router will generally cover a single story 3-bedroom house and will handle a 100Mbit/sec NBN connection. For larger homes, WiFi range extenders such as the Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD Wireless System offer additional WiFi coverage to areas where the WiFi signal from the router is too weak.

Enthusiasts and Businesses

For network professionals and computer enthusiasts, or for businesses of all sizes, purchasing the individual components that make up an All-In-One router will offer the ultimate in flexibility and performance with the ability to add components to scale your network as your requirements change. Mix and match your preferred Firewall, Ethernet Switch, and WiFi Access Point to create a network that exactly meets your requirements for features and performance. We have assembled popular Network Packs that include everything you need to get started.